Viewing Lead Interactions

How to customize your view, sort, filter, edit data, and more!

The leads page is equipped with a new look and feel and many delightful features. From robust sorting and filtering to deep customization of the view, you can use the page to your liking.  Check out the feature overview below. Here's the quick demo overview.

Customizing Your View

We've added the ability to effortlessly drag-and-drop columns via column headers. The following features are currently offered:

  • Dragging-and-dropping 1 column at a time
  • Adjust column width by dragging the edge of the column header
  • Columns can be pinned left or right via the hamburger menu adjacent to a column header
  • Click the hamburger menu in a column header to reset the columns in view any time
  • Select and deselect columns from the green 'Columns' button 

Drag-and-Drop Demo

Robust Filtering and Sorting

We’ve also added robust sorting and filtering capabilities so you can take a deep-dive into your data.

Column Sorting

  • Click once to sort ascending (↑)
  • Click again to sort descending (↓)
  • Click again and no sort order will be applied

To filter on more than 1 column at a time, hold down the command (⌘) key when clicking on your second column header. A numerical indicator will appear next to the ↑/↓ symbols to denote if the column is a primary sort, secondary sort, and so on.

In this example, 'Company' is the primary ascending sort, and 'Last Name' is the ascending secondary sort.

Column Filtering

  • Select and deselect values
  • Use type-ahead search to find specific values
  • Easily filter on any column, regardless of data type, including dates and numbers
  • To remove filters quickly, simply deselect all, then select all

Tip:  column headers appear blue if a filter is applied

Editing Lead Data

We’ve also added an easy & efficient method to edit lead info directly on the Leads page itself

  • Double click, edit/update the text, and click enter to save
  • Alternatively, select a cell, then use arrow keys to navigate; once focused on a cell, start typing an edit, and then hit enter and the edit will save successful 

Putting It All Together!

Take a look at the example below, showing how to export a filtered view to CSV.

  1. Click on the hamburger menu of the desired column
  2. Select & filter so that only the desired values are selected
  3. Click on the green 'Download' button and select the 'Current Column view' option

Viewing Topics & Follow-Ups

When filtered on an event, we’ve added the ability to view & edit topics and follow-ups in-line. You can click to open up the each grouping and review the responses of your lead interactions to the qualifiers associated with your event.

Tip: Only 1 topic and 1 follow-up are visible by default (groupings are collapsed by default) so click on a group header to expand the group (either Topics > or Follow-Ups > )

Editing Topics & Follow-Ups

Click into a cell to make quick and easy edits & hit Enter to save. It's as simple as that! You can edit any type of field in this view, including notes fields.


Tip: a reminder for those on an Enterprise plan: head to Company Settings > Audit Log to view a history of changes made to your lead interaction data.


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