Topics: Add, Edit, and Remove

Compulead+ powered by atEvent allows event reps to quickly capture essential information from prospects.

With the ability to add your own custom qualifiers, your reps will be able to capture and identify key prospects at any event quickly.  Compulead+ powered by atEvent has some qualifiers readily available but you may edit, delete, or add your own.

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Add Custom Topic:

1. Select “Add Custom Topic”

1. Topics-Mac.fw

2. Add Custom Topic - The following fields are displayed:
   a. Field Name - This is the field name that will display on the app. (In this example we have        entered “Region”)
   b. Make this a required field - By checking the box your reps will need to answer this                 question before moving on to the next qualifier. (In this example we have selected “Yes”             by filling in the checkbox)
   c. Field Type - The options from the dropdown menu are: 
      - Single-select [radio] (In this example we have selected “Single-Select radio”)
      - Multi-select [checkboxes]
      - Multi-line [text]

Field Options                                                                                                                           d. Option 1* - 1st option (In this example we have entered “Europe”)                                     e. Option 2* - 2nd option (In this example we have entered “North America”)                           f.  Add Another Option - Besides the first two options you may also add more by selecting           this. (In this example we have entered “Asia” as Option 3)                                                   g. Click the “Save” button to accept this Topic

2. Add Topic-Mac.fw-2

Tip: Required fields are great but only require them if they are absolutely necessary as it may cause friction at the event when scanning quickly

3. Edit or Delete Topics
   a. To edit an existing Follow-Up click on the edit icon 3._Edit_Iconnext to it. You will arrive at the same             screen in Step 2 where you can make edits to the existing Topic. After making edits click             the “Save” button when finished (same as Step 2g)

Note:  You will not be able to edit the field name only the options. If you need to change the field name, you will need to create a new custom Topic and then delete the previous one.

   b. To delete an existing Topic click on the delete icon 3._Delete_Icon at the far right. You will then be               prompted to confirm removal of the Topic.

3. Edit Topic-Mac.fw

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