User Roles & Permissions

Sometimes, you don't want everyone who has an atEvent login to be able to access everything (e.g., company settings, MA/CRM integration, viewing/exporting all lead data, etc.). That's why we have distinct roles with different permissions.

There are four types of roles:

  • Admin
  • Event Manager
  • Analyst
  • Staff

What is a Company Group Admin?

An admin has access to everything in atEvent Central. There is nothing they can't access. This includes the following admin capabilities: manage global account settings, manage the global catalog of qualifiers (topics and follow up actions), set up MA/CRM integrations,  and manage all users. An admin can also create and configure events, view, sync, and export leads, and review event analytics. Admins can use the atEvent mobile lead capture app. 

What is an Event Manager? 

An event manager is generally somebody who is primarily responsible for creating and configuring events in atEvent Central. This includes selecting topics and follow ups from the global catalog (not creating new ones) and managing the users for an event. Event managers can view, sync, and export leads and review event analytics. Event managers can use the atEvent mobile lead capture app.

(Note: Event managers can view an account’s global settings but cannot edit them.). 

What is an Analyst?

An Analyst is generally somebody who reviews event lead interaction data and overall event analytics in atEvent Central. They are often in charge of editing and correcting event lead interaction data and then exporting and/or syncing it. An Analyst cannot create, configure and manage events. This role type can use the atEvent mobile lead capture app.

What is a Staff User? 

A Staff User is for members of your company who only need to use the atEvent mobile lead capture app. A Staff User can only access the ‘My Profile’ section when logged in to atEvent Central.