User Activity Log

Using the Activity Log, Company Group Admins can view the action history of each and every important task that has been performed by any of the users within a company.

Activity Log Details

The Activity Log will record user actions taken (e.g., additions, deletions or updates) in the following areas of atEvent Central:

Company Settings

  • Field Setup
  • MA / CRM Configuration
  • Data Settings
  • Targeted Accounts
  • Manage Company Users


  • Edit
  • Delete
  • Syncing
  • Downloads / Exports


  • Creation
  • Update
  • Deletion
  • Manage Event Users

Account Activity

  • User Registration
  • Mobile Log-In
  • Central (Web) Log-In
  • Reset Password

How to Access the Activity Log

1. Mouse-over the circular icon and select "Company Settings" from the dropdown menu.

2. Click the "Activity Log" tab

3. Select a Start (date range) 

4. Select an End (date range)

5. Once you have selected the Start/End dates click the "Search" button. 

This will showcase the entire historical record (ordered by timestamp by default) across all users in your company group.


To filter, hover on a particular column header and click the hamburger button


  • Click once to sort ascending (↑)
  • Click again to sort descending (↓)
  • Click again and no sort order will be applied

Power User Tip

To filter on more than 1 column at a time, on Mac hold down command (⌘) when clicking on a second column header (on Windows, hold down ⊞ Win key when clicking on a second header). A numerical indicator will appear next to the ↑/↓ symbols to denote if the column is a primary sort (1), secondary sort (2), and so on.


In this example above, User Account is the primary sort, and Activity Item is the secondary sort.


Click on ‘Download CSV’ to download the CSV file consisting of all the records in your selected date range. 


Don’t have access to this feature?. Contact the atEvent Customer Success team to upgrade and get access today.

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