atEvent Central Release Update - November 27, 2018

atEvent Central (Release Version 3.30)


  •  Leads List CSV Readability: Unique subtopic columns have been merged into a single column, unique notes are also encapsulated within a single column, column headers are the unique parent labels instead of generic enumeration
  • Create An Event UX: You can now select and deselect checkboxes for Topics and Followups without having to go into edit mode; you'll also notice a new snazzy dropdown for Country, City, State fields
  • Enhanced MA/CRM Sync Profile Experience: error messages are more useful and contextual
  • Attendee Section Stability: Other actions are blocked when adding or editing an Attendee to ensure app stability; improved error messages
  • My Profile: navigate here to view your personal information and eventually your personal user preferences.
  •  Company Settings: Navigate here to access familiar settings: Manage Users, Field Setup, MA/CRM Configuration, Data Settings, Targeted Accounts


  • Rectified the CSV format of Leads downloaded by 'Current Column View'
  • Fixed an error where Manage Users pagination was only sorting the current page in view
  • Disabled Additional Fields are no longer added to Events
  • There is no longer the ability to sync an attendee list until a Sync Profile is selected, thereby avoiding an endless loading screen
  • Fixed duplicate users in the system issue
  • Fixed duplicate Targeted Accounts issue
  • Users containing apostrophe in their names are now searchable
  • General bugfixes


  • If a UX glitch is encountered on the Events tab, clear your cache via browser settings and refresh
  • Users should upload an Attendee CSV in UTF-8 format to ensure special characters such as apostrophes or Chinese characters render correctly