Check-In Attendee (Scan To Check-In Feature)

Scan to Check-In Overview

1. If your event is setup for attendee check-in you will see the following on your app home screen: 
   a. Start the check-in process by clicking the “Check-in” button 
   b. The main screen also contains a counter that keeps a running tab of the total number of attendees in the list that have been checked in. This counter is also visible on the Check-In Attendees screen.

Now on the Check-In Attendees screen, you can search or scroll through the list of preloaded attendees. As mentioned, you may search for a specific attendee in the search bar.

2. Check-in an attendee by clicking the "Scan" button and then scanning their badge.

3. The attendee that had their badge scanned should now appear as “Checked-in”

If qualifying, make the necessary selections and either finish or add follow-ups - remember all required topics will be highlighted in orange. If adding follow-ups, you will be presented with a list of options very much like the previous page, "Add Topics."

Make your selections or add notes by tapping inside the text box and adding text.  

Note: You may also speak to text.

Tap the ‘Finish’ button to complete. You will be dropped back into the check-in list.

If an attendee was not on your preloaded list, you may also add them manually by tapping on the orange button with the plus sign towards the bottom of the screen.

You will be prompted to add the attendee’s information, similarly to adding a lead manually.

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