Improved Lead Error Reporting

Improved Lead Error Reporting is a recently added feature to atEvent's Central Portal. After scanning leads you can go to atEvent Central and view lead interactions and any associated error that might have occurred when syncing to your MA/CRM.

Lead Interactions Screen

1. At the top of the leads frames you will find the overall breakdown of status for lead scans:
   a. Total Lead Interactions: The total number of lead interactions created for the event
   b. Synced Lead Interactions: The total number of lead interactions that have synced to your MA/CRM
   c. Sync Errors: The total number of leads that have failed to sync to your MA/CRM
   d. Not Synced: Any lead interactions that have yet to sync to your MA/CRM or that are currently in the process of syncing. 

Note: If you don't have an MA/CRM profile setup for atEvent your leads will remain in the default status of "Not Synced"

In this example 17 leads have been scanned, 1 lead is currently syncing, 1 lead has "Synced",1 lead has failed to sync with "Error" and 15 assigned a status of "Not Synced". (This 15 includes the lead that is currently syncing).

Lead Interactions (continued)

2. The individual leads will have their corresponding status assigned in the far left column labeled "Sync Status. Here we have 3 leads each with a different sync status: 
   a. Syncing: The lead is currently syncing and will soon change its status to either "Synced" or "Error"
   b. Synced: The lead interactions has successfully synced to your MA/CRM
   c. Error: The lead interaction failed to sync to your MA/CRM

Error Description Details

3. The Error description details provide in-depth information about the lead sync failure.
   a. Mouse over the ">" symbol next to the error and you will see the following generic error message popup: "An unexpected occurred. Please contact customer support"
   b. Click on the ">" symbol and an error description details box will open below the lead with the following fields:
   c. Error: The is a generic error assigned to any failed lead sync
   d. atEvent Field Name: The source atEvent field that encountered the error 
   e. MA/CRM Field Name: The destination MA/CRM field that the sync process attempted to send the data
   f.  Error Details: A detailed description of the error sent by the MA/CRM
   g. Date: The actual time that the error occurred
   h. Action: You can copy the error details to a clipboard by pressing the "Copy" button

Explanation of Error: The Error details indicate that Purchase Timeline data field in Hubspot was expecting a value 3-6 months and that 4-6 months was not a preset value. In summary: the Purchase Timeline value being saved/passed by atEvent does not match the values that have been set in Hubspot.