Viewing/Editing Leads (atEvent Hub)

The atEvent Hub leads page is equipped with many useful features from robust sorting and filtering to deep customization of the view. Once you have mastered navigation and its associated tools viewing and editing leads becomes a simple task. Here is a summary of features covered in this article:

  • Leads page overview
  • Choosing data columns
  • Customizing your view
  • Sorting and filtering leads
  • Editing lead data (Leads Page)
  • Viewing/editing topics and follow-ups
  • Editing lead data (Lead Interaction Details)

A. Leads Page Overview

Lead Interactions Screen

After scanning leads you can go to atEvent Central and view lead interactions and any associated error that might have occurred when syncing to your MA/CRM.

. At the top of the leads frames you will find the overall breakdown of status for lead scans:
   a.  Total Lead Interactions: The total number of lead interactions created for the event
   b.  Synced Lead Interactions: The total number of lead interactions that have synced to your
   c.  Sync Errors: The total number of leads that have failed to sync to your MA/CRM
   d.  Not Synced: Any lead interactions that have yet to sync to your MA/CRM or that are currently
        in the process of syncing. 
   e.  Sync Status: Next to each lead the sync status is displayed

Note: If you don't have an MA/CRM profile setup for atEvent your leads will remain in the default status of "Not Synced"

In this example 3 leads have been scanned, 1 lead has "Synced",1 lead has failed to sync with "Error" and 1 assigned a status of "Not Synced".

For further information on troubleshooting sync errors see Step 3 of the following article: Improved Lead Error Reporting

B. Choosing Data Columns

  1. You can choose which data columns appear by selecting them using the provided checkbox feature.
    a. Start by clicking the “Columns” tab and a dropdown menu will appear
    b. Select “Edit Columns” from the dropdown menu by checking or unchecking the columns that will appear in your Leads view

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