Salesforce Common Sync Errors

message: " bad value for restricted picklist field"

Cause: The value from atEvent that you are attempting to save does not match the Salesforce picklist.

Potential corrective action:
  - Change the atEvent value so it matches the value in the picklist
  - In Salesforce uncheck the option "Strictly enforce picklist values"
Salesforce Help Article:


message: "cannot reference converted lead"

Cause: This error is normally received when you try to modify or update a Salesforce Lead that has been converted to a Contact. 

Potential corrective action:
  - Leads that have been converted to Contacts in Salesforce cannot be updated from atEvent.
  - You can download a csv of the data from atEvent and update the contact manually or via the Data Import Wizard in Salesforce.


message: “2 duplicate records found on ma/crm, merge them before syncing current lead”

Cause: When attempting to sync a lead from atEvent to Salesforce and it is detected that there is more than 1 lead by this name already in Salesforce. Salesforce does not know which of these 2 records to update. 

Potential corrective action: Merge the 2 records in Salesforce. Then resync the lead from atEvent. The merged record in Salesforce will now be updated with the incoming data from atEvent.


message: "Duplicate ReferenceId found”

Comment: We already know about this error and will be releasing a fix later this week. In most cases the lead still syncs to Salesforce, but we recommend that you check to make sure it synced successfully.


message: "Cannot deserialize instance of datetime from VALUE_STRING"

Cause: This is a known compatibility error between atEvent and Salesforce

Corrective action: Unmap the following field in atEvent: Date Created


message: "insufficient access rights on object id"

Cause: This is a common Salesforce connector sync error that can also show up in Pardot. This error means that the connector user does not have enough access to the object. Most likely the connector user will have "View All" for Contacts / Leads but not "Modify All". When Salesforce syncs to a contact that isn't owned by or isn't shared with the connector user and tries to edit the contact, this error will appear.

Potential corrective action: Ask a Salesforce Administrator for help.

A) The sync error will reference an object ID. First, see Standard Field Record ID Prefix Decoder to see what the corresponding object is.
We recommend checking the contact / lead permissions for the connector user's Salesforce user profile and allow "Modify All", or share the contact / lead (s) in question with Read/Write access.

B) The sync error might not reference an ID at all: "Sync Error: "Insufficient access: insufficient access rights on object id:". In this case, please review your Salesforce Org's Organization Wide Defaults to confirm if they are set to "private" for accounts, leads, opportunities, campaigns , or contacts. Even if you put sharing rules and set read/write, this doesn't also include delete/modify all.

For example, if 'Accounts and Contract' Organization Wide Default is set to private and you are using the standard Pardot Integration User for the Salesforce Connector, try following these steps:

1. Create a Public Group and add the B2BMA Integration User to the group.
2. Create a Sharing Rule on the Object with the necessary criteria.
3. Share with Public Groups > select Group just created
4. Default Account and Contract Access = Read/Write

In Pardot, follow these instructions to clear the sync error on the prospects.


message: "ViewAllData or ViewAllRecords required to upsert by standard field"

“View All Data” and “Modify All Data” provide full access to all objects in the organization. These options are essential for the administrators, as it allows them to manage all data in the organization. 

“View All Data” and ‘Modify All Data” permissions  are assigned via profile or permission set.
    - View All Data will grant read access to all objects and records, provide ability to see all data in the organization.  
    - Modify All Data will grant create, read, edit, and delete to all objects as well as full access to all records, provide ability to edit and delete all data in organization.

See the following help article for an explanation of permissions
See the following help article to enable View All Data and Modify All Data


message: There's a problem with this state, even though it may appear correct. Please select a state from the list of valid states.: State/Province.

Cause: When pushing data to Salesforce such as a new lead or a contact update, the State/Province and Country fields may require specific data values to be accepted by Salesforce. If the field value is incorrect, the record will fail to sync which can result in missing new leads or out-of-date contact information in your Salesforce account.

Corrective action: Disable State/Country Picklists in Salesforce


error: 403 Forbidden

Possible Cause:

  • Your current version of Salesforce does not have API permissions
  • Your user account is not API Enabled
  • Corrective Action: Update to an Enterprise version of Salesforce. Update the user account to API enabled.


    typical message (may vary): "FirstName,  LastName,  Email,  LeadSource are required to advance to next stage from New to Working/Nurturing"

    Cause: FIELD_CUSTOM_VALIDATION_EXCEPTION means that there is a validation rule defined in your org and the record you are updating does not meet this rule. When you update a record the entire record is checked against validation rules, even if you are not modifying those fields (unless you have something like  ISCHANGED() in your validation rule). 

    Corrective Action: You're getting the error because you are attempting to update a record that is in violation of a rule. The rule may simply be coded incorrectly. If you can find the validation rule that is throwing the error and update it to meet your current criteria settings.