HubSpot Common Sync Errors

message: " xxxxx was not one of the allowed options"

Cause: The option from atEvent that you are attempting to save does not match the HubSpot option.

Potential corrective action:
  - Make sure that the atEvent option matches the HubSpot option
  - Make sure that you are mapping to the HubSpot option and not the label
  - Make sure that if the option is single select in atEvent that the HubSpot option is also set to single select


message: "Transaction silently rolled back because it has been marked as rollback-only

Cause: Bulk Property change

Potential corrective action:


error: "403 Forbidden"
message: You don't have permission to view this resource"

Cause: Permission or ownership error – Permissions are represented by codes, which indicate what each type of user can do. If you have the incorrect code associated with a file or directory then your users may run into a 403 error.

Potential corrective action: Set the correct file permissions. If you've configured your web server, you'll want to add the server to the www-data group, and set ownership of /var/www to the www-data user and www-data group. Then, make sure your directories are set to 755, your files are set to 644, and your dynamic content is set to 700. This determines which user types (owner, group, everyone) can read, write, and execute.