Enable Marketing Consent

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Enable Marketing Consent

To learn more about Marketing Consent click on any of the following articles:
1. Marketing Consent
    a. Upon leaving "Welcome to atEvent Hub" you will arrive at the Marketing Consent Tab
    b. Select "YES" or "NO" to enable merketing consent.
    c. If you choose NO click the "Save & Continue" button to continue to the next section: Set Qualifiers

Marketing Consent continued (Consent Language):
   d. By selecting YES this will start the process of enabling marketing consent in atEvent. By choosing Marketing Consent for your event it will allow event reps to save consent permission from leads during the capture process.
   e. After selecting YES a window will open below where you can enter the Marketing Consent language. This privacy language can be customized by your company’s legal team. This is typically a short message that clearly states what kind of communication the contact can expect or is agreeing to. Optionally add a hyperlink to your existing Consent Language via the insert hyperlink icon. This feature can be used to include a link to your Privacy Policy or Terms of Use to comply with CCPA’s “Right to Notice” requirement. Leads will be able to visit the associated page from within the mobile app before providing consent and without interrupting the flow of lead capture.
   f.  Enter the Consent Language in the provided text box

Marketing Consent continued (Consent Options):
   g.  Enter the Agreement Statement in the provided text box
   h.  Enter the Disagreement Statement
   i.   Enter a Custom Optional Opt-In Statement (Not Required).
   j.   Enter an Additional Opt-In Statement if you have more than 1 (Not Required).       
   k.  Require Signature for Agreement. This is enabled by filling in the checkbox
   l.  When finished click the "Save & Continue" button

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