How can I upload attendees via CSV?

tEvent has several ways to upload attendees to your event. One common method is to upload your attendees using a CSV file. The following sections are covered in this article:

  • Upload CSV
  • Error Handling
  • Video Overview of CSV Upload

A. Upload CSV

1. Before attempting to upload a CSV attendee list please download the template. The template provides the necessary column formatting to avoid errors when  uploading. Download the template by clicking on the link “Download CSV Template”

2. Open the template using Excel and enter personal information for each attendee. In this example, we will enter 2 attendees (Jane Doe, James Cagney).

   a. Enter personal data in each of the 6 columns:

    • First Name* 
    • Last Name* 
    • Company 
    • Title 
    • Email* 
    • Phone Number

  * Required Fields

Note: First Name, Last Name, and Email are 3 required fields for a valid attendee. This is the most common error with uploading attendees

    b. Save the file to your desktop as a CSV (comma delimited)

    c. Upload the CSV by clicking “Browse”
    d. Select the saved CSV on your desktop 
    e. Click “Open”

    f. The uploaded attendee file (CSV Upload.csv) should now appear in the browse window
   g. Press the “Continue” button

   h. The uploading process will begin

   i. You will receive an alert message “Success!” if your attendees uploaded without error. If you receive an
      error message please correct data and repeat upload process. (See Section B below: Error Handling)
   j. Your newly uploaded attendees will appear 
   k. Press “Save & Continue” to complete the attendee upload process

B. Error Handling

1. In case you encounter an issue with the attendee upload process you will receive an error similar to the following:

2. Click on "Download Error File"

3. Review the rows with errors and rectify them. 
   a. The errors will be noted in the column labeled “Details”. After correcting errors be sure to delete this
       column from the CSV file before attempting to upload again. In this example there are errors with
       mandatory fields.
   b. Last Name is Missing
   c. Email is missing or incorrect format

4. Save the CSV in UTF-8 format
5. Re-upload the CSV file containing the attendees with corrected information
6. If your upload problems continue please contact us and we will provide you with a CSV download of the erroneous records so you can easily correct the records and re-upload any attendees that previously failed to upload.

Note. Always save and upload a CSV in  UTF-8 format to ensure special characters such as apostrophes or Chinese characters render correctly.

C. Video Overview of CSV Upload

Here is a short video overview of how to successfully upload attendees.