Welcome to atEvent Hub

atEvent Hub is the setup portal for single events. Administrative and users use atEvent Hub to configure Events for app users, review and normalize event lead interaction data, and gain insights from event analytics. It is also where you can manage atEvent users, configure your MA/CRM integrations, and audit user activity within atEvent. atEvent Hub can be accessed from a mobile device or desktop; however, most features are best used from a desktop.

Event Setup

Your event setup is divided into five simple steps.

  • Marketing Consent - Configure consent options if required by your state or company (such as CCPA).
  • Set Qualifiers - Capture essential information that is custom to your business.
  • Connect to MA/CRM - Connect to your CRM or marketing automation system and send all your lead data over as soon as it is captured.
  • Invite Event Team - Add your event team so they can capture leads at your event. If another user will be helping you set up the event, add them as an admin.
  • Download & Test - Your setup is done! In this step we will go over downloading the mobile app, and scan a badge to verify everything is set up as you need, and that the leads are making it over to your MA/CRM system.

During/Post Event

During and after your event the Leads and Analytics pages are where you can review and manage all of your captured leads.

  • Leads - Review and update your captured leads, handle any sync errors and download a csv of all your leads data.
  • Analytics - Review how your event went with key event analytics such as leads captured by user and a break down how your leads responded to your qualifiers.

You can click on any of the tabs to jump to any section of atEvent hub:

1. Event Details

    a. Event Details: This is the landing page tab after login. This page contains information about your event
        and links at the bottom for adding features and testing. Here is where you will start setting up your
    b. Start Setup: Start setting up your event by clicking on the "Start Setup" button

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