Salesforce - Adding Leads to a Campaign (atEvent Hub)

Your company’s Campaigns typically target existing and prospective customers. You can associate leads collected in atEvent and assign them to campaigns that you currently have setup in Salesforce. The connection between atEvent and your MA/CRM will be using a Campaign ID. You will need to extract this data and copy to atEvent and later map the fields when completing the field mapping step. In order to assign your Leads to a Salesforce Campaign as Campaign Members you will need to setup an automation process.

This article is divided into the following sections:

  • Adding atEvent Leads to a Salesforce Campaign as Leads
  • Adding atEvent Leads to a Salesforce Campaign as Campaign Members

A. Adding atEvent Leads to a Salesforce Campaign as Leads

1. Login to your Salesforce live account
   a. Enter Email Address
   b. Enter Password
   c. Press “Login”

2. Campaigns: Once logged in:
   a. Click on the "Campaigns" tab
   b. Click on your Campaign. In this example "MyCampaign" 

Note: You can also create a new Campaign by clicking "Create New..." below the Campaigns tab.

3. Campaigns (continued):
   a. Your Campaign details will now display
   b. Copy the Campaign ID from the URL as shown here and save it to notepad. You will enter this Campaign ID in atEvent later. (See Section D3 of help article referenced below in Step 6). In this example we are copying [70109000000gcmh]

4. Campaign API Name: Now that we have the Campaign ID we need to identify the Campaign ID's API name. This is the name that will be mapped in atEvent.
   a. Click "Setup"
   b. Go to Build --> Customize --> Leads --> Fields

5. API Name (Lookup Campaign)
   a. In "Fields" search for Campaign in "Lead Custom Fields & Relationships" (Scroll down). Under Campaign you will find the API Name of your Campaign ID. Copy this to notepad so you can enter it in  atEvent. This will be the field that you map to in Section E6 of the help article.

6. In order to setup your Campaign ID in atEvent go to the following help article and follow the steps in Sections D3 & E6.

B. Adding atEvent Leads to a Salesforce Campaign as Campaign Members

1. After login click on "Switch to Lightning Experience"

2. Click on "Setup" at the upper right

3. Go to Platform Tools --> Process Automation --> Process Builder

4. Process Builder: Click the "New" button

5. New Process
   a. Process Name: Enter "add_lead_as_campaign_member
   b. API Name: Enter "add_lead_as_campaign_member
   c. The process starts when: Select "a record changes" from the dropdown menu
   d. Click "Save"

6. Process Builder
   a. Select "+Add Object". A "Choose Object..." window will open to the right of the process diagram.
   b. Object: In the window type "Lead" to search for it and select it from the dropdown menu. It will now appear in the window. The "Start the process" window will open below.
   c. Start the Process: You have 2 choices
      - Only when a record is created: Select this if you only want to add newly created leads
      - When a record is created or edited: Select this if you want to add new leads and update existing leads. If you have an existing record in Salesforce where the email matches the incoming record's atEvent email then the record will be updated. For this example we have selected this option.
   d. Click "Save"

7. Criteria
   a. Select "+ Add Criteria"
   b. Criteria Name: Enter a Criteria Name. You can enter any criteria name that will match what you are receiving from atEvent. In this example we want to capture all leads coming from the event "inbound 2021".
   c. Criteria for Executing Actions: We have selected "Conditions are met". You may want some other criteria.
   d. Set Conditions: Click inside the "field" box. A popup will open where you will select a field name.
   e. Select a field: We have already created a custom field named "atEvent Event Name". Search on this name and select it from the dropdown menu.

8. Set Conditions continued:
The field "atEvent Event Name" has been selected.
   a. Click the "Choose" button

9. Set Conditions continued:
   a. Value: Enter the value that you want to set the conditions against. In this example we are choosing the event name "inbound 2021".
   b. Conditions: Select "All of the conditions are met (AND)
   c. Click "Save"

10. Immediate Actions:
   a. Select "+ Add Action"
   b. Action Type: Select "Create a Record" from the dropdown menu
   c. Record Type: Select "Campaign Member" from the dropdown menu
   d. Action Name: Enter "Create Campaign Member"
   e. Campaign ID): Enter the Campaign ID. See Section A3 above for how to extrect your Camapaign ID.
   f. Lead ID (type): Click in the Type field and select "field reference" from the dropdown menu
 g1. Lead ID (value): Click in the value field. A screen popups. Type "Lead" in the search box. Select "Lead ID" (Similar to 7e)
 g2.  Lead ID (value): continued: Select "Choose" (Similar to 8a)
  h. Remove the following Fields (Contact ID, Status) by clicking the "X" symbol to the far right of each.
  i. Click "Save"

11. Click "Activate"

You process is now setup to add Leads to your Campaign as Campaign Members.