How do I enable Marketing Consent (GDPR)?

Marketing Consent allows event reps to capture consent from leads during the capture process. Use Marketing Consent to ensure you use captured personal information in compliance with regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), as well as your organization’s own policies.

This article contains the following sections:

  • Short Video explaining Marketing Consent
  • Enable Marketing Consent for your Event
  • Mapping Marketing Consent in your MA/CRM Configuration

A. Short Video explaining Marketing Consent

B. Enable Marketing Consent for your Event

  1. From the company dashboard go to your Event page by clicking on it in the event list.

2.  In your event window click the "Edit" button in the upper right.

3. Scroll down until you find "Will your event require Marketing Consent?". To enable Marketing Consent (GDPR) toggle the radio button to “Yes” (default set to “No”)

4. Complete Consent Language Details by the following steps:
   a. Enter the Consent Language in the provided textbox. This privacy language can be customized by your
       company’s legal team. This is typically a short message that clearly states what kind of communications
       the contact can expect or is agreeing to. Optionally add a hyperlink to your existing Consent Language
       via the insert hyperlink icon. This feature can be used to include a link to your Privacy Policy or Terms of
       Use to comply with CCPA’s “Right to Notice” requirement. Leads will be able to visit the associated page
       from within the mobile app before providing consent and without interrupting the flow of lead capture.
   b. Enter the Agreement Statement
   c. Enter the Disagreement Statement
   d. Enter a Custom Optional Opt-In Statement (Not Required)
   e. Require Signature for Agreement. This is enabled by filling in the checkbox

5. Once you have finished steps 3 and 4 scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Save”. Your event’s Marketing Consent (GDPR) setup is now complete.

C. Mapping Marketing Consent in your MA/CRM Configuration

Regardless of the language chosen for the agreement and disagreement statements, the value that gets passed when mapping the Marketing Consent field to an MA/CRM field is either “true” or “false.”

There are two fields to map for marketing consent:

  • Marketing Consent passes “true” if the user has selected the agreement statement, and “false” if the user has selected the disagreement statement.
  • Consent Opt-Ins passes a string containing all of the selected opt-ins delimited by a semicolon (;).  For example, “Phone; SMS; Email”.
Tip: At a minimum your Marketing Consent setup will need both an agreement and disagreement statement. It is up to your admins to decide whether or not to additionally include opt-ins as well as signature capture

GDPR Consent-at-Capture is offered as an add-on feature. Please contact Customer Success at for access to this feature.