Adding Qualifiers (Topics and Follow-Ups) to an Event

Qualifiers (Topics and Follow-Ups) are key questions and information entry points you have for potential customers. Your company may have a standard template or you might be revising these before and after every event. The most important thing to remember is that Topics and Follow-Ups are in most cases controlled on a global level from the Template Company Settings. This means that all Topics and Follow-Ups must first be created in the Company Settings before they can be imported into and used for an event.

When creating Qualifiers (Topics and Follow-Ups) to be attached to each lead for an event, you will be presented with the following options:

  • Import All Topics and Follow-Ups from your company's catalog (managed via Account Settings > Field Setup)
  • Duplicate Topics and Follow-Ups from an another event 
  • Manually Add Topics and Follow-Ups (only available to Company Admins)

Tip: Company Admins can edit the option choices for topics and follow-ups when adding to an event. However, Event Managers must use the exact topics and follow-ups including the option choices when importing or duplicating.

Example: Import All Follow-Ups