How Do I Edit a Topic/Follow-Up?

To edit a topic/follow up in atEvent you must first identify which part of the topic or follow up you wish to change. The two following examples will be addressed in this article:

  • Edit the topic/follow-up name
  • Edit the option (subtopic)

A. Edit the Topic/Follow-Up name

In atEvent there is currently no way to edit a topic name. Instead you will need to create a new topic in the company settings.

1. Go to Company Settings

2. Select the “Field Setup” tab

3. Select “Topics” or “Follow-Ups” tab (In this example we will create a new topic).

4. Add a new topic by mouse-over and clicking the (+) icon at the right side of the screen.

5. Enter Label: 
   a. Enter “Company Location”
   b. Click “Save” button

6. For the recently created Topic (Company Location) select “Add Option” by mouse-over and clicking the plus icon (+) on the right

7. Enter option (subtopic):
   a. Enter “Indiana”
   b. Click “Save”

8. Newly created option
   a. Now appears as a subtopic. 
   b. You can edit the subtopic by hovering your mouse over the 3-dot icon at the right to prompt the edit icon
       to appear. 

9. Now we are ready to import the newly-created topic into our event.
   a. Go to your event in the Events tab
   b. Select your event and click on the "Topics" tab
   c. Add Topic by mouse-over and clicking the (+) icon on on the right

10. Import topic into your event by performing the following:
   a. Click inside the blank topic label frame. A dropdown menu will appear
   b. From the dropdown menu select “Company Location”
   c. Click the “Save” button

Your new topic is now ready to use when creating leads with the app.

B. Edit the Option (Subtopic) for Topics/Follow-Ups

1. In order to edit the option (subtopic) you can make the change in the event Topic/Follow-Up. Go to your event and select the topics tab. Find the topic that has the option (subtopic) that you want to edit.

   a. Click on the horizontal arrow (►) to the left of the topic (Company Location) to expose the option tree

   b. The option (Indiana) will now display below it. 
   c. Mouse-over the 3-dot icon at the right to prompt the edit icon to appear.

   d. Click on the edit icon 

2. Edit the option by the following:
   a. Change “Indiana” to “Illinois”
   b. Click “Save”

Your newly edited option (subtopic) is now ready for use when creating leads with the app.