What are Additional Fields?

What are Additional Fields?

Additional fields are fields that can be used to pass “hidden” data for all leads captured at an event. The data is hidden in the sense that it is not captured by the staff user when they interact with a lead, the data will be automatically associated with every lead at that event.

You use  additional fields when you want to pass the same value for some field, for all leads captured at an event. An example might be a campaign ID, or some other identifer you are going to use to bucket these leads in your MA or CRM system.

atEvent supplies several default  additional fields for you to use. Some of the most commonly used are:

  • Event Name - This will pass along the event name that the lead interaction was captured at
  • Submitted by User - This will pass along the atEvent user that captured the lead interaction
  • Date Created - This will pass along the date/time that the lead interaction was created

Note: An astute observer may notice that some of the above additional fields do not send the same value for each lead interaction for an event (for example, the “Submitted by User” value could be different), this is unique to these additional fields, any additional fields you create as a user, will have the same value passed for all lead interactions at an event, as determined by the value set for the field in the event, or the default value set in Field Setup.

This article summarizes how to create  Additional Fields and use them in the following sections:

  1. Create them globally in Company Settings -> Field Setup -> Additional Fields
    a. Optionally set then as editable
    b. Editing an additional field allows to set a default value for the field to be used in all events, unless overwritten in a specific event
  2. Set them up in the event: If the field was set as editable, you can change the value passed for the field in this event
  3. Map them in your MA/CRM connection profiles: Any profile that you use for syncing, go to the additional fields section, and map them to the fields you want to pass them to in your MA or CRM system

1a. Create Additional Field in Company Settings (Editable) 

b. Edit an Additional Field

2. Setup Additional Field in event (Change value passed to MA/CRM)

3. Map Additional Field in MA/CRM connection profile

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