Viewing/Editing Leads (Lead Interaction Details)

Viewing/Editing leads and their qualifiers can also be done from the Lead Interaction Details screen. Starting from the Leads view the Lead Interaction Details is only a click away.

Accessing the Lead Interaction Details View

  1. To access this view mouse-over and click on the magnifying glass icon next to the lead you want to edit.

Edit Contact Information

2. In order to edit the Contact Information of the record:
   a. Mouse-over and click the edit button at the upper right. 
   b. You can also move between lead detail records by clicking on the “Previous” and “Next” buttons located
       above the edit button. 
   c. In order to return to the list of leads click on the “Back to Lead List” button at the upper left.

   d. Any of the Contact fields now become editable (framed in red). Click inside fields to make edits.
   e.  In this example Email is being edited.
   f.  Click the “Save” button to save any changes
   g. Click the “Cancel” button to not save any changes

Edit Topics and Follow-Ups

In this example we will edit a Topic

3. In order to edit Topics and Follow-Ups of the record:
   a. Start by clicking on the edit icon at the right of the interaction timeline frame.

   b. We will edit the Topic (Persona) currently set to Marketing Ops. To start the edit of this topic click on the
       (+) "Add a subtopic" icon 

     c. A window will appear. Click inside the window to display the subtopic options
     d. A dropdown of available alternatives to the existing value (Marketing Ops) appear
     e. Select “Sales”
     f. Click the “Save” button (checkmark icon)

4. In this example we will edit the Notes field:
   a. The “Additional Notes” field is editable because a text box appears. Make a change to the text in the text
   b. Click the “Save” button to save any changes
   c. Click the “Cancel” button to not save any changes

Tip: a reminder for those on an Enterprise plan: head to Company Settings > Audit Log to view a history of changes made to your lead data.