Why did my leads fail to sync to my MA/CRM system?

When leads sync to MA/CRM applications there are sometimes errors in the process. If you see the leads in atEvent, but don’t see them in your MA/CRM system, there could be several sources for these errors. 

  • Data sync profile issues (Company Settings)
  • Data sync profile issues (Event Setup)
  • Lead Interaction Data Issues
  • Resolving Sync Errors
  • Overview of Identifying and Resolving Different Types of Lead Sync Errors

A. Data sync profile issues (Company Settings)

The most common lead sync errors are caused when the MA/CRM data sync profile is not correctly setup or enabled. There is no error message for this scenario. You must check this manually to make sure the sync profile is correctly enabled at both the Company and Event level. If you currently don’t have a sync profile setup, please review the detailed MA/CRM Integration Guides.

  1. Company Settings: Data Sync Profile Setup

Check the sync profile in Company Settings and make sure that you have successfully created and connected a data sync profile. For this MA/CRM configuration we can see that there is no sync profile selected.

2. As an example we will select a sync profile (Marketo Test) from the dropdown menu:

3. If the sync profile is currently disabled its status will show up as “Inactive”

4. In order to set the sync profile to active click the “Enable” button

5. Once selected the connections credentials will appear in the box and the sync profile should display in green as “Active”.

6. If after selecting the “Enable” button your profile does not become active you may need to authenticate the sync profile again. Do this by clicking “Test Connection”. You may be asked to sign in to your MA/CRM account at this time (HubSpot, Salesforce). 

If the test connection worked you will receive a message confirming this.

7. Default Profile: You can make the data sync profile the default profile if you so desire. This will make it show up in the dropdown menu whenever you visit the MA/CRM tab of the Company Settings. However, this is only an option and not necessary for activating your sync profile.

8. Data Push Schedule Setting

Check to make sure you verify the data push schedule. This setting designates when your leads will sync to your MA/CRM. If set to “Manual” you will need to go to your leads view and manually sync them yourself. If set to “End of Day” or “End of Event” they will be triggered automatically. In this example the Data Push Schedule is set to “Immediate”.

B. Data Sync Profile Issues (Event Setup)

Check to make sure that the data sync profile is specified for your event. 

  1. Start by going to your event and clicking the “Edit” button at upper right

2. For this event no sync profile is selected. “None” is displayed.

3. Search Sync Profile

   a. Click in the box that currently shows “None” and a dropdown menu appears. In the blue search box we start by typing the first letters of our currently active sync profile “Marketo”. 
   b. Select the correct profile “Marketo Test 123”.

4. The selected sync profile now appears in the window.

Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click “Save”. 

Now your event is ready to sync leads.

C. Lead Interaction Data Issues

Once you have confirmed that your data sync profile setup is valid and enabled you will want to investigate the lead interaction data you captured, identify any associated errors and then correct the error. We will demonstrate this procedure in the following examples.

Identify Lead Sync Error (Example)

1. In order to correct any sync errors you must first investigate the cause of the error.
   a. In this example we see a lead that has failed to sync. The sync status shows an error. Upon initial investigation we notice that the lead is missing a required field (EMAIL). We suspect this to be the cause of the error.  
   b. To obtain the actual error message click on the (?) icon next to the error:

2. A popup will appear with detailed error information. In this example “Email address is invalid”:

Using this information we can identify steps to correct the missing/invalid data.

D. Resolving Sync Errors (Example)

In Steps C1 and C2 we showed an example of investigating and identifying a lead that errored out. The scanned lead data did not contain necessary contact information, specifically EMAIL. Now we will demonstrate a resolution for this.

  1. Select the lead record by filling in the checkbox to the left.

2. The Selected Record:

   a. The row becomes highlighted in a darker shaded color
   b. A message confirms the record selection with the message “1 Lead Interaction Selected”

3. As previously mentioned the lead has no EMAIL. If you happen to have access to the correct EMAIL of this lead, then enter it. In many cases you will not have this information and will have to enter a filler (test@test.com) in order to push the lead through to the MA/CRM. 
   a. Click in the cell for EMAIL. An edit frame will open. In this example we will enter “test@test.com” so we can push the lead thru to the MA/CRM.

Press “Enter” and you will receive a message that the record has been successfully updated:

4. With the EMAIL entered and lead still selected in the checkbox. Click “Sync”

5. The updated record has now successfully synced.

E. Overview of Identifying and Resolving Different Types of Lead Sync Errors

In our example in Steps C & D we identified the cause of the sync error and chose a corrective action. The table below outlines some failed lead sync scenarios and steps for correcting these errors. 

Error Type



Invalid/Missing Email Address

Email address is missing or format is invalid. In order to understand invalid email types it will be necessary to investigate email format standards. In the Leads view, input and/or correct the email address and then manually select and sync any leads that you have updated to have lead data pushed to your MA/CRM.

Missing required contact field (FIRST NAME, LAST NAME)

MA/CRM systems typically require certain basic contact fields to sync data successfully. Most important are FIRST NAME and LAST NAME. In the Leads view, input missing FIRST NAME and LAST NAME and then manually select and sync any leads that you have updated to have lead data pushed to your MA/CRM.

Field not mapped

If your MA/CRM is expecting information from atEvent but doesn’t receive it, it may be that one of your fields is not mapped or mapped incorrectly. In  Company Settings → MA/CRM Configuration, check to make sure that all fields which you want to appear in your MA/CRM are mapped. Then manually select and sync any leads to to have lead data pushed to your MA/CRM.

Field data mismatch

There are other situations where data is mismatched between atEvent and your MA/CRM. One example is misspelling or case mismatch of Topic and Follow Up option values (e.g., in atEvent you have an option to  Topic set as ‘ Product Alpha’, but in you MA/CRM that option is set as ‘product alpha’) In the Leads view, update fields to match correctly and then manually select and sync any lead interactions that you have updated to have data pushed to your MA/CRM.

Field data type mismatch

This error occurs when field data types are not the same. Maybe one field is set to Boolean and the MA/CRM to Date. This will cause a sync error. Make sure the data types match up between atEvent and your MA/CRM. You may need to remap the atEvent field to a different field in your MA/CRM. After doing so, sync lead interactions to have them pushed to your MA/CRM.

Other missing required field

Your MA/CRM system may require other fields which may be missing in your lead capture data or not mapped between atEvent and your MA/CRM system. This can often occur if you’ve chosen the Advanced integration option (form-based integration) and the form you’re integrating with has certain required fields. If the data is missing, fill in the missing data. If the data is available, then check the MA/CRM Field Mappings to ensure that this field is actually mapped from atEvent to your MA/CRM system.
After making any adjustments, resync lead interactions to have them pushed to your MA/CRM.

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