Log In to the Mobile App

How to log in to the mobile app and reset password when locked out

This article covers the following topics:

  • Log In
  • Reset Password

A. Log In

  1. After download locate the atEvent app icon on your mobile device and click to open:

   2. Enter your user credentials:
      a. Enter Email
      b. Enter Password
      c. Select “Keep me logged in” by filling in checkbox before logging in
      d. Press the “Login” button (Data connection required)

After a successful login, the app will work online or offline

Watch a Training Video: Mobile App Overview

B. Reset Password

1. Open the atEvent app (Step 1 above)

2. Select “Forgot Password?”

3. Reset Password:
   a. Enter Email
   b. Press the “Send” button

   c. You will receive the following message that an email has been sent to reset password
   d. Click “OK” to close the message

  e. Check your email inbox for a "Reset Password" email. Open the email by clicking on it.

(Note: If the email is not in your inbox check your spam folder). 

  f. Click on the reset password link within the email. 

Note: The reset password link will be valid for 24 hours

   g. Enter Password: Create a new atEvent password (make sure your password has at least 8 characters
       consisting of both upper and lowercase and at least 1 special character)
   h. Verify Password: Re-enter the new atEvent password    
    i. Press “Save & Continue”

4. You should now be able to log into the mobile app with your restored credentials (email address & new password)

   a. Enter Email
   b. Enter Password
   c. Select “Keep me logged in” by filling in checkbox before logging in
   d. Press the “Login” button (Data connection required)

Note to Admins: atEvent Central (our web-based application) utilizes the same log-in credentials as the mobile app.

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