How to use Google Password Manager to store atEvent mobile app password (Android)

Google Password Manager (Android) 

Store your password using the Google account linked to your Android device so that you can easily log in to the mobile app and never worry about forgetting your password.

This article is divided into the following sections:

   - Google Password Manager Setup
   - Login to atEvent enabling Password Manager

A. Google Password Manager Setup

  1. On your android device go to “Apps”

2. Click on “Settings”

3. Scroll down and click on “Google Settings”

4. Click on “Manage your Google Account”

5. You will arrive at the “Get Started” screen if you haven’t already setup this account previously. Press “Get Started”, otherwise jump to step 6.

6. You will arrive at the “Home” tab.

7. Google Password Manager continued:
   a. Scroll to the right of the “Home” tab. Select the “Security” tab
   b. Scroll down until you arrive at the section “Signing in to other sites”. Choose “Password Manager”

8. Google Password Manager continued: Click on the "settings" icon at the upper right.

9. Google Password Manager continued:

   a. Make sure that “offer to save passwords” is enabled by toggling the slide bar to the right. (Shown here enabled)
   b. Scroll down to section “X declined sites and apps”. If at-event is currently listed click the X to remove it from the list. This will allow you to save your password for at-event with Google password manager.

B. Login to atEvent enabling Password Manager

1. Click on atEvent

2. Log in to atEvent
      a. Enter Email
      b. Enter Password
      c. Select “Keep me logged in” by filling in checkbox before logging in
      d. Press the “Login” button (Data connection required)

3. Upon successful login, a prompt with Google's default password manager will appear asking to save password. Click on “Save”. Alternatively click on “X” or “Never” to decline saving your password. To update your passwords, click “Manage passwords”

Note: After clicking on 'Never', the Save Password prompt will not be displayed again

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