Managing Users

The Manage Users feature on the app allows you to view current users, add users to your event, send email invitations to uninvited users and resend invites to previously invited users.

This article contains the following:

  • Managing Users
  • Event Team Members Screen
  • The “Add” Screen

1. Managing Users
   a. Select your event from the dropdown menu.
   b. The "Event Team" tab displays the current number of users assigned to this event. Press the “Event
       Team” tab to access the Event Team Members screen displaying the currently assigned users to the

2. Event Team Members screen:
   a. At the top the Event Team Members will display the number of users from your Company Group who are
       currently assigned to this event. This example shows the 5 members currently assigned to the selected
   b. The “Add” button takes you to the Add Screen. There you will be able to view the complete list of
       available atEvent users from your Company Group who are not currently assigned to this event.
   c. The search box allows you to find those users who are currently assigned to this event. If you have a
       large number of users already assigned this tool allows you to quickly find a specific user if there is some
       action that you desire to take.
   d. Here is the list of users currently assigned to this event. Click on the 3-dot menu to the right of any name
       to access the menu options where you can remove them from the event or reset password.

3. Add Users Screen: From Step 2b click on the “Add” button to add more users to your event.
   a. Search on specific users to add to your event by typing their name in the search box.
   b. Add users by tapping the gray circle to the right of their name. A blue checkmark will display once they
       have been selected. (Not saved until step d is completed).
   c. Invite new users to atEvent. Click the blue icon to add a new member to atEvent. These are individuals
       who are currently not registered with your atEvent Company Group. You will be required to provide the
       following (First Name, Last Name, Email).
   d. Click the “Save” button when you are finished adding any new users.

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