Scan a Business Card

How to capture a lead using Business Card Scan.

1. On the Home screen, tap  Capture.

2. Select the  Business Card option.

If your event default capture method is Business Card, the card scanner will appear automatically when you select Capture. Otherwise, tap the  Business Card tab.

3. Tap the orange business card button to capture the image. 

Additional options are to:

  • Tap Flash if you are in a low-light setting
  • Tap Batch Scan to enter a special mode that allows you to scan another business card immediately.

4. Review your scan for legibility. At this point, you may:

  • Tap the first image to retake front of the business card.
  • Tap the camera to optionally capture the backside of the business card.
  • If in batch-scan mode, tap Scan Another to scan your next card.

When you're satisfied with your scan, tap  Qualify to add Topics or Follow-Ups. Otherwise tap Finish to save and exit.

The Finish button will only appear once all required qualifiers are completed (or if there are no required qualifiers).

5. Qualify the lead by selecting the appropriate topics and responses. All required topics are marked with an orange bar. 

Tap  Follow-Ups to add a follow-up action for the lead. Otherwise, tap Finish to save and exit. 

6. Select the follow-up action(s) you wish to assign to the lead. To add notes, tap the text box and type or speak the text you wish to add (up to 1000 characters).

7. Tap Finish to save and exit. You will be taken back to the Home screen.

To view the lead, go to  My Lead Interactions > Today or My Lead Interactions > All. To edit the lead, click the lead's name. 

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