Add a Lead Manually

How to capture a lead using Manual Add

1. On the Home screen, tap the "Capture" button

2. Upon arriving at the next screen:
   a. Select “Manual Add” from the lower menu
   b. Select the “Capture” button

Adding Contact Info

3. You will be prompted to add the prospect’s contact information. All required fields will be highlighted in orange.
   a. In this example we have added First Name, Last Name, Email (John, Doe,
   b. Scroll to the bottom and select the “Qualify” button when finished

Adding Topics/Follow-Ups

4. If you’re qualifying a captured lead you will be presented with the different topics/follow-ups. All required topics/follow-ups will be highlighted in orange:
   a. Make the necessary selections and either finish or add follow-ups. If adding follow-ups you will be
       presented with a similar list of options. Make your selections and scroll to the bottom of the qualifiers. To
       add notes, tap the text box and type or speak the text you wish to add (up to 1000 characters).  
   b. Tap finish to complete. You will be dropped back into the home screen to view.

5. To view the lead go to:
   a. My Lead Interactions > Today
   b. My Lead Interactions > All 
   c. To edit the lead, click the lead's name. 

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