Viewing/Editing Leads (App)

Navigating the leads section on the atEvent mobile app: Today, Pending, & All tabs.

The Leads section of the mobile app is your go-to spot to review all your leads from an event. The following sections are reviewed in this article:

  • Today Tab
  • Pending Tab
  • All Tab
  • Lead Details
  • Drawer of Options
  • Search Functions 
  • Sorting

The app offers quick access to viewing/editing of leads, status information of recently scanned leads, as well as attendee lists.

1.  Today Tab

The Today tab provides an overview of all leads scanned today. These leads will be sorted by First Name (A-Z) by default, but the sort option can be updated.

2.  Pending Tab

The Pending tab provides insight to the status of scans that have yet to process or failed.

There are four possible pending status messages that will appear:

  • Processing
  • Poor Scan Quality
  • Incomplete Contact
  • Configuration Error

Click on the “Pending” tab to view individual pending messages.

   a. Processing - This status indicates that your scan has been sent to be processed. Business card transcription by one of our transcribers usually takes about 15 minutes but can take longer during peak event flow. If your event is set to multilingual then non-English business cards are typically processed within 24 hours.

  b. Poor Scan Quality - This status indicates that the scan cannot be read. Trade shows are notorious for spotty lighting and beware of shiny business cards that often create glare. Take badges out of plastic holders if necessary to ensure a clear scan. If you encounter "Poor Scan Quality", you have two options:

    • Discard the scan
    • Retake the scan

  c. Incomplete Contact - This status indicates that the card is missing required fields. To fix:

    • Tap “Incomplete Contact”
    • Lead Details will appear; tap “Edit” and enter required info. Many times the business card will be missing one of the following fields (First Name, Last Name, Email). Then tap “Finish”.
    • If the incomplete data on the business card has now been fixed it will automatically display in the All Tab and also in the Today tab, depending on when it was captured (if  the business card was captured three days ago & just resolved today, it will only appear in the All tab)

  d. Configuration Error - This status indicates that the attempted QRcode/Barcode scan was unsuccessfully read by the app. There are several possible causes of this error. First, make sure that you aren’t attempting to scan a badge that is in a shiny placeholder causing glare and a failed read. Remove the badge from protective plastic and try scanning again. If the configuration error persists please notify your atEvent administrator and/or contact atEvent technical support:

3.  All Tab

This tab will contain all leads that you have interacted with from the selected event.

4.  Lead Details

After clicking on the “All” tab you will arrive at the Lead Details view. It provides a Name-by-Name glance of lead information. Select the lead details of any lead by clicking on their name. 

   a. In this example we have selected “James Dean”

Lead Details continued:
   b. The “Contact Info” tab is the default landing page for Lead Details.
   c. You can make edits to Topics/Follow-Ups by pressing the “Qualifiers” tab.
   d. To make edits to the currently selected tab click the pencil icon at the upper right.

Lead Details continued:
   e. Make changes to any of the fields. You can scroll down and make changes to those fields not currently displayed.
   f. When finished making edits press the “Finish” button. You will be taken back to the Lead Details view as shown in 4b-d above.

5.  Drawer of Options

   a. Access drawer of options for any lead by tapping on the three dots (...) symbol to the right of the lead's name. A drawer of options will appear.

Drawer of Options continued: The drawer of options provides the user with access to the following actions:
   b. Save to Mobile Contacts
   c. View Details - Redirects to the Lead Details screen
   d. Google Search - Do a search on lead if you are missing personal contact info
   e. Edit - Update any fields that are incorrect or missing information.
   f. Delete - Remove the lead from your list of saved leads.

6. Search Functions

   a. Search Box (Name): The first feature is the search box for Name. Here you can enter the first letters of an attendee’s name and easily find them if you have already scanned them in and have a long list.

  b. Search Filter (Personal Data & Qualifiers): The next available option is the search filter for other personal info and qualifiers. Click on the icon to access this filter.

  c. Search Filter continued (Personal Data & Qualifiers): The default tab is Company. There are other search choices including Title, Topics and Follow-Ups. These choices may vary based on your specific event.

7. Sorting

   a. The sort filter is set to “Newest First” (most recently scanned lead) as the default.
   b. Click the icon to enter the Sort screen. You can can change the sort filter settings and setup your own sorting by clicking on the blue sort icon at the upper right:

Sorting continued:
   c. Here you have a variety of sorting options. Notice the default sorting option (Newest First) is highlighted in blue also meaning “currently applied”.
   d. To clear the currently saved sorting filter click the “Clear” button.
   e. Now you can choose a new sorting method by selecting any of the available options. Save the new sorting method by clicking the “Apply” button.
   f. To close the Sort screen click on the icon (x) at the upper right.

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