Check-In Attendees

How to check-in attendees using several methods

With atEvent’s attendee check-in feature you can pre-load lists of attendees to your event. Then once the event begins you can check-in attendees as they visit your booth. If your event is configured to Check-In attendees you will be able to view the option for Check-In on your home screen. The check-in feature on the app has several methods for adding attendees. 

This article is divided into the following sections: 

  • Getting Started: The Home Screen
  • Check-In Attendees: Screen Features
  • Check-In Attendees: Standard Check-In
  • Check-In Attendees: Scan to Check-In Feature
  • Check-In Attendees: Manually Add Walk-Up Prospects

A. Getting Started: The Home Screen

1. If your event is setup for attendee check-in you will see the following on your app home screen:
   a. Start the check-in process by clicking the “Check-in” button
   b. The main screen also contains a counter that keeps a running tab of the total number of attendees in the list that have been checked in. This counter is also visible on the Check-In Attendees screen.

B. Check-In Attendees: Screen Features                                                                     

After clicking on the orange “Check-In” button on the main screen you will arrive at the Check-In Attendees Screen. 

1. Search Box: The first feature is the search box for Name. Here you can enter the first letters of an attendee’s name and easily find them if your attendee list is long.

2. Search Filter: The next available option is the search filter for other personal info and qualifiers. Click on the icon to access this filter.

Search Filter continued:
   a. At the top of the filter screen there are several search options including Company, Title, Topics and Follow-Ups
   b. The search box lets you search on specific criteria by name
   c. Once you have selected the desired search criteria you can save the filter by selecting the “Apply” button

3. Sort Filter:
   a. The sort filter is set to First Name Ascending (A-Z) as the default
   b. You can change the sort filter settings by clicking the icon

Sort Filter continued:
   c. The default setting First Name Ascending (A-Z) is currently selected and shown in blue. To change it simply click one of the other sort options.
   d. Save the sort filter by clicking the “Apply” button
   e. Remove the current saved filter by clicking the “Clear” button

C. Check-In Attendees: Standard Check-In                                                               

The main feature of the Check-In Attendees screen is the actual checking-in of attendees via the standard method.

1. Complete check-in of any attendee by tapping the gray circle to the left of the name.

2. Attendee Checked-In
   a. Once the attendee is checked-in a green check mark appears next to the name. You can reverse the check-in process by tapping the green check mark. The attendee will once again display as not checked-in with a gray circle.
   b. You can tap on the attendee’s name to enter qualifiers.
   c. After completing the check-in step the counter will increment displaying the total number of attendees in the list that have been checked in.

3. Options Menu - The options menu offers the following:

  • Qualify
  • Edit
  • Get Check-In Alert

Click the horizontal 3-dot icon (...) to enter the Options Menu

4. Options Menu continued
   a. Select “Qualify” to add Topics and Follow-Ups. 
   b. Select “Edit” to make any changes
   c. Toggle the selector to the right to enable “Get Check-In Alert”. Check-In Alerts allow you to receive alerts when a specific attendee is checked-in into your event. A use case could be if you are looking to speak with a particular prospect on the attendee list. When the attendee is checked in by you or a colleague you will receive a notification. The alert will appear at the top of your screen along with who checked them in. See this article for detailed information on Check-In Alerts.

5. Qualify continued (Topics):
   a. Fill in all required Topics
   b. Fill in any other applicable Topics
   c. Click the “Add Follow-Ups” button

6. Qualify continued (Follow-Ups):
   a. Fill in all required Follow-Ups

   b. Fill in Notes (if included in Follow-Ups). Add notes by tapping inside the text box and typing them. 
   c. You may also add notes using your device’s speak-to-text function by clicking the microphone (Android example shown)

  d. Click the “Finish” button when you have finished adding Follow-Ups

D. Check-In Attendee: Scan to Check-In feature

1. You can also check-in an attendee by badge scanning. Click the “Scan” button and point your camera at the attendee’s badge. If their name is on the attendee list their status will be updated to checked-in.

Check-In Attendee: Manual Add Walk-Up Attendees

  1. If you encounter a walk-up prospect who was not preloaded into your atEvent attendee list you can add them manually by clicking the “Manual Add” button.

2. Attendee Contact Info:
   a. Fill in all required fields.
   b. Click the “Qualify” button when finished. This will take you to the Topics and Follow-Ups. For Qualifiers see Section C5 of this article.
   c. Click the “Don’t Qualify” if you want to add qualifiers later. You will be redirected to the Check-In Attendees screen.

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