Event Notifications

 Receive email alerts notifying you of upcoming and recently completed events

This atEvent feature allows you to preset email notifications that will trigger and notify you before your event begins and after it has been completed. This article contains the following sections:

    • Event Notifications (Central)
    • Event Notifications (Mobile)

A. Event Notifications (Central):

1. Start by logging in to atEvent Central. After login:
   a. Mouse-over the bubble icon
   b. Select “My Profile” from the dropdown menu

2. Notifications Preferences
   a. Select the “Notifications Preferences” tab at the top left
   b. Event Notifcations: There are 2 different event notifications
        Pre-Event Notifiactions - Notify me of my event status before the event
        Post-Event Notifactions - Send me an event summary after an event ends
   c. For Pre-Event and Post-Event Email Notifications select one of the following options from the dropdown:
       - For all events I have created or belong to (This will be selected by default)
       - For all events in my Company Group
   d. Toggle Email to "On" (right) or "Off" (left) for each of Pre-Event and Post-Event Notifications

Note: Company Group Admins & Event Managers will receive pre-event emails 5-days & 1-day before Event’s start date. Staff & Analysts will receive pre-event email 3-days & 1-day before Event’s start date

3. Notifications Preferences continued: (Account-Level Notifications)
   a. Account-Level Notifications will send you an email when a new user has been created/deleted to/from the account
   b. Toggle Email to "On" (right) or "Off" (left) for each of User Account Creation and User Account Deletion

B. Event Notifications (Mobile)

1. Login to atEvent Central using your mobile device at the following URL: https://central3.at-event.com/
      a. Enter Email
      b. Enter Password
      c. Click the “Sign In” button

2. My Profile:
   a. From the My Profile screen select “Notification Preferences”

3. Notification Preferences:
   a. For both the Pre-Event and Post-Event notifications the slide bar will be to the right (enabled) by default.
       This means that you will receive pre-event and post-event email notifications if you do nothing.
       To remove the email notification feature toggle the slide bar to the left. It will then appear as

   b. You can also choose the coverage of notifications by clicking the dropdown menu. The choices are:

    • For all events in my Company Group
    • For all events I have created or belong to (default setting)

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