Subscribe to a Check-In Alert

How to set up a check-in alert for a 'VIP' attendee

This feature is for attendee check-in events only.

Once a Check-In Alert is enabled, when anyone from your team scans the attendee, you will receive a push notification, even if you are not in the app, so you are aware of when your VIPs stop by! A mobile app user may set up as many attendee check-in alerts as he or she likes.

Subscribing to a check-in alert is very simple:

  1. Select an Event from the Event dropdown
  2. Navigate to Home & select ✓ Check-In
  3. Select an attendee via the … indicator
  4. Enable 'Get Check-In Alert' in the pull-up menu

That's it, you're done! You have now subscribed to an attendee check-in alert.

Note: Check-In Alert has been set up for your account only. You are the only user who will receive the Check-In Alert(s) which you subscribe to.

In summary, if you are in the app whilst a subscribed to attendee is checked-in, you will be alerted via a notification drawer in-app, but if atEvent is running in the background, then you will be alerted via push notification.