Where do I log in to atEvent Central?

atEvent: Getting setup and log-in

1. To start the setup process your company's atEvent administrator will sign you up. You then will receive an email to finish setting up your account. The email will have the header “ Finish Setting Up Your atEvent Account”. Click on this link.

2. After opening the email you will find a link. It will be located directly below the line: “Please create a password to finish setting up your account”. Click on this link.

3. You will be redirected to a page to create an atEvent password:
   a. Enter a new password
   b. Verify the new password
   c. Agree to Terms of Use and Privacy Policy by filling in checkbox 
   d. Click “Save & Continue”

4. Once you have clicked "Save & Continue" the following screen will appear with a link where you can login to atEvent central. Click on "Log In Now" to login.

5. You will also receive another email to "Login to configure atEvent". Open this email to get the same login link as in Step 4.

6. After opening the email the link will appear here:

7. After clicking the link and arriving at landing page, login to atEvent:
   a. Enter email
   b. Enter password
   c. Fill in checkbox so your browser will remember your email
   d. Click “Sign In”

Here is the physical link to atEvent central:


Tip: Only Company Group Admins and Event Managers have access to all main features of atEvent Central

Click here to learn more about role type permissions to atEvent Central.