Does the mobile app work offline?

Working Offline

Yes, the app’s functionality continues providing that a session had been initiated prior to the loss of internet connectivity. An initiated session meaning that you had already logged in and established a data connection to your event. It is also important to remember that while in offline mode you must not log out as captured information will be lost. 

1. If you are still logged in after losing internet connectivity the app will display an alert “You are currently offline”.

This does not affect localized app functionality. You can continue to scan business cards and badges. However, do not disconnect from the internet. Stayed connected as if service had not been lost.

2. Proceed with business card/badge scanning. You can also complete qualifiers while in offline mode. When finished your scan will appear with a status of pending and you will see the following "Offline Mode" message for the pending scan:

3. Once your internet service returns your pending scan(s) will begin to process. The pending status message will change from “Offline Mode” to “Pending”.

4. Shortly thereafter the pending scan should change from status of “Pending” to “Processing”. In this example a pending business card has now been sent for transcription.