Check In Attendees

How to capture a lead using Check In.

If your event is configured to use the check-in feature, you will see the Check-in button on the Home screen.

1. On the Home screen, tap Check-in.


2. Scroll through the list of pre-registered attendees or use the Search bar to search for a name or email address. 


3. Check in the attendee using one of the following methods:

  • Single-tap check-in. This method checks in the attendee without adding qualifiers. Tap the gray circle next to the attendee's name. A green checkmark will appear indicating that the attendee has been checked in and you can move on to the next lead.
  • Qualified check-in. To add Topics and Follow-Up Actions to a checked-in attendee, tap the attendee's name. The Add Topics screen will open. 

   2. Qualify the lead by selecting the appropriate topics and responses. All required topics are marked with an orange bar. 

Tap Follow-Ups to add a follow-up action for the lead. Otherwise, tap Finish to save and exit. 

3. Select the follow-up action(s) you wish to assign to the lead. To add notes, tap the text box and type or speak the text you wish to add (up to 1000 characters).


4. Tap Finish to save and exit. You will be taken back to the Check-In screen to check in another attendee.


Adding Walk-Up Attendees

If an attendee is not on your preloaded list, you may add them manually.

1. On the Check-In screen, tap the plus button.

2. Enter the lead's details. Note: required fields are marked with an orange bar.

When you're finished, tap Qualify to add Topics or Follow-Ups. Otherwise tap Finish to save and exit.


Creating Attendee Alerts

You may configure atEvent to send you an alert when a particular attendee checks in to your event. This is especially useful for finding out when a prospect from a target account has checked in, as part of your Account-Based Marketing strategy.

1. On the Check-In screen, search or scroll to find the attendee you wish to create an alert for.

2. Tap the three dots to the right of the attendee’s name.

3. Toggle Get Check-in Alert to the right.

When anyone from your company checks in the attendee, you will receive a notification at the top of your atEvent screen.


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