Download/Test the App

How to Download/Test the App for your Event

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Download/Test the App

Preliminary Step: Download the App
   a. Scan the QRCode, this will lead you to the link to download the app
   b. Click “Save & Continue”

P. Download the App-Mac.fw

1. Perform a Test Scan
   a. Log In

1a. Login to the App-Mac.fw

Open atEvent on your app and log in

   b. Enter Email
   c. Enter Password
   d. Press “Log In”

1b. Login.fw

2. Capture: Scan the QRcode

2. Capture-Mac.fw

3. Confirm the data 

   a. Make sure to check the Leads Dashboard in atEvent Central and Salesforce to verify that             the data was saved correctly.
   b. Contact Customer Success if something is not functioning correctly
   c. View Lead Interactions
   d. Click “Finish” when you are ready to end your CompuLead+ session

3. Test the App-Mac.fw

4. Finish Your CompuLEAD+ Session by clicking “Log Out”

4. Finished-Mac.fw