How can I upload attendees via CSV?

Attendee Upload via CSV

atEvent has several ways to upload attendees to your event. One common method is to upload your attendees using a CSV file. It is necessary to use the template and follow the template’s column configuration in order to successfully upload your attendees.

Check out the video overview of how to successfully upload attendees:

How to Upload Attendees via CSV:

  1. Go to the Attendees tab and download the CSV template.


2. Save the template to your local drive:

3. From your local drive open the saved CSV and enter personal data in each column (First Name, Last Name, Company, Title, Email, Phone Number).

4. Once you have finished entering information, save the CSV and then click “browse” and select the saved CSV. Once properly selected it should appear in the window to the left of the “browse” button. Click the <Continue> button to start the upload process.

5. Once the upload process starts the program will check your CSV for any errors.

6. After successful completion you will see your attendees appear in the dashboard as shown below:

How to Navigate Attendee Errors

In case you encounter an issue, we will provide you with a CSV download of the erroneous records so you can easily correct the records and re-upload any attendees that previously failed to upload.

1. Click on ‘Download Error File’

2. Review the rows with errors and rectify them (errors will be noted in the file itself)

3. Save the CSV in UTF-8 format

4. Re-upload the CSV file containing the attendees with rectified information.

Pro-Tip 1. First Name, Last Name, and Email are 3 required fields for a valid attendee. This is the most common error with uploading attendees

Pro-Tip 2. Always save and upload a CSV in UTF-8 format to ensure special characters such as apostrophes or Chinese characters render correctly.