How do I find and use my company’s Activity Log?

Using the Activity Log, Company Group Admins can view the action history of each and every important task that has been performed by any of the users within a company.

Activity Log Details

The Activity Log will record user actions taken (e.g., additions, deletions or updates) in the following areas of atEvent Central:

Company Settings

  • Field Setup
  • MA / CRM Configuration
  • Data Settings
  • Targeted Accounts
  • Manage Company Users


  • Edit
  • Delete
  • Syncing
  • Downloads / Exports


  • Creation
  • Update
  • Deletion
  • Manage Event Users


  • Mobile Log-ins

We will be adding more user actions to the Activity Log in the coming weeks. 

How to Access the Activity Log

Head to the ‘Company Settings’ 

Then Click the ‘Activity Log’ tab as illustrated in the image below

Select a date range and then click the ‘Download Activity Log’ button. This will export a CSV file consisting of all the records in your selected date range.

View the Activity Log

The exported CSV File consist of the following columns:

Note: This feature is a premium service which is currently in Beta. Please send your feedback and ideas for improvement to our Support team.