Setting up a Hubspot Integration

How to set up an integration with Hubspot

atEvent offers the deepest, most flexible HubSpot integration—so your team can capture the insights you need at every event, conference, and tradeshow and transfer them into HubSpot automatically for near real-time follow-up and nurture.


By using your Hubspot user credentials you can seamlessly integrate the atEvent platform to your unique Hubspot instance.  This will allow you to automate the lead creation/update process from leads captured through the atEvent app at events. We offer two types of integration: Advanced and Basic.


Advanced Integration provides flexibility to have the Hubspot form fields map to a Custom Data Object to store the atEvent field information.  The main advantage of feature is the limited number of fields allowed for the Contact Object will not be impacted.


Basic Integration will take atEvent fields and map them to your Hubspot Contact fields which updates the Contact Object with demographic data and atEvent data captured through the app.


Whether you choose Advanced or Basic Integration, you can create Campaigns which can trigger activities while still in event! Here are a few examples:

  • Send sales alerts
  • Add to lists
  • Update attendee information
  • Send emails (collateral, white paper, etc.)

Setup Guides

  1. Check out our Hubspot instance setup guide to configure your instance
    1. Permissions required in Hubspot:

      • Create an API User
      • Create Custom Contact Properties
  2. Follow along in the atEvent setup guide to then setup your atEvent Sync profile and integrate atEvent with Hubspot 


Hubspot Integration Setup

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atEvent Central Setup (Hubspot Integration)

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