FAQs for sponsors using atEvent at INBOUND 2019


Where do I get my administrator login?
You will receive an email from the atEvent Administrator once your company admin has set you up as a user. You will need to activate your email by creating a secure password for your login. You can log in to atEvent Central here

How do my staff users log in?

Accounts for your booth staff have also been created. They should have received an email from ‘atEvent Administrator’ to complete their account setup including setting a password and instructions to download the mobile apps. 

What if I cannot login?
Ensure proper data connection.  If unable to log in, note which error message you receive and contact



How do I contact atEvent Support?

You can reach atEvent Support in the following ways:

  • Email: Send an email to reach our Support team. 
  • Mobile App: Report an issue right from the mobile app. See how to do that here.
  • In-person: During INBOUND 2019, please come to the atEvent booth. Our team will also be visiting each sponsor throughout the event starting the morning of Tuesday, September 3.



Where do I get the atEvent mobile apps?

Download and install the atEvent mobile app for iOS and Android by using the links below:

Please see a list of supported devices here.

Will I be able to scan attendee badges?

Yes, the atEvent mobile app is configured to scan attendee badges at INBOUND 2019. In addition to scanning badges, you can scan business cards or enter leads manually.

Watch this 60-second video on how the atEvent mobile app will work at INBOUND.

Why do people I scan need to provide GDPR marketing consent via digital signature in the mobile app?

GDPR signature consent-at-capture is a mandated configuration in the atEvent app for all INBOUND sponsors. Every sponsor must use the “Opt In” consent functionality that prompts attendees to sign their name once their badge is scanned. Violation of these terms will result in immediate revocation of lead capture usage.

Can we add custom qualifiers (topics and follow-up actions) and notes to each lead?

If your account admin provided customer qualifiers during account activation, these will be available when you scan a lead and then tap on 'Qualify' in the mobile app.

Does the mobile app work offline?
Yes, initial login is required (Data connection required). Once logged in, the app can function in offline mode. 

My internet connection has full bars. Why are my scans still pending?
Full bar strength is not indicative of a strong data connection.  Once you have a strong connection the scan will begin to process

Will the app de-dupe any duplicate scans? 

If a single booth staff member scans the same lead multiple times, only the most current interaction will display. However, if different booth staff users scan the same lead multiple times, then those will always display all data and interactions in atEvent Central.



Where do I find my leads? 

The leads will be found in the atEvent Central admin portal. Once logged in, you will find “Leads” on the main navigation bar. Here you’ll see each lead captured, their contact details, and topics and follow ups your team entered. Learn more about the Leads experience here

How do I export my leads? 

You can export your leads via a CSV or Excel (.xls) file. The export will include lead contact information, responses to custom qualifiers (if applicable) and notes. Check out the Export Leads article for more details.

How do I sync my event leads to HubSpot?

You will first need to connect atEvent to your HubSpot account. Once connected, you will need to map the atEvent fields to your HubSpot properties.  For detailed atEvent + HubSpot integration setup and configuration instructions, please download our atEvent + HubSpot step-by-step integration guide.



How do I see performance metrics for our event?

Administrators can get detailed performance metrics via atEvent Central's Event Intelligence feature. Learn more about Event Intelligence.

On the mobile app, you can get a quick high-level glance at how the team is doing. All users can access high-level team stats in the atEvent mobile app via the 'Analytics' tab.