Mapping Fields to your MA/CRM Integration

How to Map Fields from atEvent to your MA/CRM integration

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Mapping Fields to your MA/CRM Integration

1. After successfully connecting to your MA/CRM you are ready to begin the mapping of atEvent      fields.
   a. Click on any of the fields labeled “Not Mapped” and a dropdown menu containing mapping         options will appear. 
   b. Select the MA/CRM field that matches the atEvent field. 

   In this example we are mapping First Name (atEvent) → firstname (MA/CRM)

1. Map Fields-Mac.fw

2. Field Mapped Successfully

   a. Once the field is mapped successfully it will display in the dropdown box 
   b. The mapping icon 5._Icon next to the field will now be illuminated in green
   c. The mapping counter will increment displaying the total number of mapped fields versus             the total number of atEvent fields (1/15). 

In this example First Name has been successfully mapped and is only 1 field of 15 atEvent fields that have been mapped. This same procedure is applied when mapping topics, follow-ups and additional fields.

2. Mapping Saved-Mac.fw

3. Save Field Mapping

   a. When you have finished with all of your field mappings scroll to the bottom of this screen           and press the “Save & Continue” button

3. Save Field Mappings-Mac.fw

   b. You will receive the following popup message:
   c. At this point you must decide if all of your desired mappings have been completed. If you          are satisfied with the current mapping setup then click “Continue”

3b. Are You Sure-Mac.fw

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