NEW: Flexible Marketing Consent Capture

How to set up atEvent to capture marketing consent for compliance with GDPR, CCPA and internal policies

Marketing Consent allows event reps to capture consent from leads during the capture process. Use Marketing Consent to ensure you use captured personal information in compliance with regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), as well as your organization’s own policies.

Marketing Consent is an add-on feature. If you do not have access, please contact

Setting Up an Event for Marketing Consent

Set up Marketing Consent during Event creation.

  1. Select Yes to enable marketing consent (default = No).Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 1.25.16 AM
  2. Add your desired Consent Language in the WYSIWYG editor.
    This is typically a short messaging that clearly states what kind of communications the contact can expect or is agreeing to.Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 1.02.35 PM
  3. Optionally add a hyperlink within your Consent Language via the Insert Link button.
    This feature can be used to include a link to your Privacy Policy or Terms of Use to comply with CCPA’s “Right to Notice” requirement. Leads will be able to visit the associated page from right within the mobile app before providing consent, without interrupting the flow of lead capture.


4.  Set up Consent Options.

    • Enter the language you would like to appear for the “agreement” statement. For example, depending on your consent language, this might be “I agree,” “Yes,” or something else.
    • Enter the language you would like to appear for the “disagreement” statement. For example, depending on your consent language, this might be “I do not agree,” “No,” or something else.
    • Optionally add one or more granular opt-ins. These could be communication types (e.g. “Email,” “SMS,” etc.) or content specific (e.g. “Marketing newsletter,” “Product offers”) or something else.
      • To add another opt-in click
        +Add another opt-in.
      • To delete an opt-in click
        x Remove.

    • Select Require signature for agreement to enable and require signature capture to complete consent. When enabled, users will be presented with a signature screen in the app after selecting consent options.

Note: Agreement and disagreement statements can be up to 200 characters. There is a 100-character limit for each opt-in.  For the best app experience, we recommend adding no more than 5 opt-ins.

5.    Click SAVE.

        Tip: Your Event with Marketing Consent enabled will need an agreement and disagreement statement. Your admins should decide whether or not to additionally include opt-ins as well as signature capture.

        Mapping Marketing Consent in MA/CRM Configuration

        Regardless of the language chosen for the agreement and disagreement statements, the value that gets passed when mapping the Marketing Consent field to an MA/CRM field is either “true” or “false".

        There are two fields to map for marketing consent: 

        • Marketing Consent passes "true" if the user has selected the agreement statement, and “false” if the user has selected the disagreement statement.
        • Consent Opt-Ins passes a string containing all of the selected opt-ins, separated by the options delimiter set in Company Settings > Data Settings. For example, if your options delimiter is a comma, the the Consent Opt-Ins strings might be “Phone, SMS, Email”. 

        To map atEvent’s marketing consent fields to your MA/CRM system:

        1. Go to Company Settings > MA/CRM Configuration.
        2. Scroll to the Contact & Social Info section.
        3. Find the Marketing Consent field and select an MA/CRM field from the associated dropdown menu.
        4. Find the Consent Opt-ins field and select an MA/CRM field from the associated dropdown menu.
        5. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click SAVE to preserve your changes.

        Viewing Marketing Consent in the Leads Section

        If marketing consent was enabled for an event, the Marketing Consent column will be shown as part of the default view in the Leads list.

        To view consent opt-ins in the Leads list:

        1. Click EDIT COLUMNS. 
        2. Select Consent Opt-Ins. 

        Click SAVE to preserve your changes.


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