Mobile Analytics

An overview of viewing analytics in the mobile app

The Mobile Analytics feature provides a quick snapshot overview of Lead Interaction metrics. This article covers the following topics:

  • Mobile Analytics Access
  • Lead Quality
  • Trending Qualifiers
  • Attendee Engagement. 

Mobile Analytics Access

  1. To access the mobile analytics click on the “Analytics” icon at the bottom to the right of the “Capture” button while signed in to an active event.

1. Mobile Analytics-Cell Transparent.fw

Lead Quality

2. From the Lead Quality tab you can review team stats at a glance and assess at a high-level by determining what kind of leads are being captured (Fully Qualified, Topics Only, Follow-Ups Only, and Unqualified Only). In atEvent a fully-qualified lead is a prospect who has input both Topic responses and Follow-Up responses.                                                                                         a. By default the landing screen for Analytics is the "Lead Quality" tab

   b. At the bottom left of the screen you can view your rank among the total list of users who           have added at least 1 lead to the event.

   c. Additionally, you will see your percentage of scans as compared to the total interactions             recorded by your team at the event. Compare your progress with other team members,             and rest assured that your other staff users will not be able to see your rank in the mobile           app. Keep in mind more leads do not always guarantee an increase in ROI.

2. Mobile Analytics-Cell Transparent.fw

Trending Qualifiers

3. See which Topics and Follow-Ups are buzzing at your event by reviewing the 2 pie charts: Trending Topics and Trending Follow-Ups.

   a. Click on the “Trending Qualifiers" tab

   b. For a qualifier that has sub-options, simply click the “+” icon to expose the individual                 qualifiers. This provides an overview of the most popular sub-options, which is a great way         to view trending responses for a particular topic or follow-up (by count or %).

   In this example Follow Up has been selected exposing the individual Follow-Ups (None, Set up     a Demo, Learn More) and their associated metrics.

3. Mobile Analytics-Cell Transparent.fw

Attendee Engagement

4. This tab will only appear if you’ve configured check-in for your event, by uploading pre-registered attendees via atEvent Central.

   a. Click on the “Attendee Engagement” tab

   b. In the space below are three different metrics: 

      Attendees Checked In: This metric displays the total number of attendees marked as                  checked-in (also expressed in %). 

      Targeted Accounts: This metric displays the number of attendees which belong to a                     targeted account.

      Others: This metric displays the attendees associated with Non-Targeted accounts.

4. Mobile Analytics-Cell Transparent.fw


Note: Analytics metrics will update every fifteen minutes.

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