Leads View: Topics & Follow-Ups

Viewing Topics & Follow-Ups

When filtered on an event, we’ve added the ability to view & edit topics and follow-ups in-line. You can click to open up the each grouping and review the responses of your lead interactions to the qualifiers associated with your event.

Tip: Only 1 topic and 1 follow-up are visible by default (groupings are collapsed by default) so click on a group header to expand the group (either Topics > or Follow-Ups > )

Editing Topics & Follow-Ups

Click into a cell to make quick and easy edits & hit Enter to save. It's as simple as that! You can edit any type of field in this view, including notes fields.

Tip: a reminder for those on an Enterprise plan: head to Company Settings > Audit Log to view a history of changes made to your lead interaction data.

For a full crash course on the new leads view, click here.