Setting up a Pardot Integration

How to set up an integration with Pardot

atEvent offers the deepest, most flexible Pardot integration—so your team can capture the insights you need at every event, conference, and tradeshow and transfer them into Pardot automatically for near real-time follow-up and nurture.


By using Pardot user credentials you can now seamlessly integrate the atEvent platform to your companies unique Pardot instance.  This will allow you to automate the lead creation/update process from leads captured through the atEvent app at events. Our atEvent fields can map directly to your Pardot Contact fields allowing updates to the Contact Object with demographic data and atEvent data captured through the app.

The PDFs below will show you the following:

  •  how to prepare your Pardot instance to integrate with atEvent 
  • how to integrate with atEvent, set up your Sync Profile, and map your atEvent fields to your MA/CRM fields.


Setup Guides

  1. Check out our Pardot instance setup guide to configure your instance
    1. Permissions required in Pardot:
      1. Create an New User
      2. Create Custom Fields
  2. Follow along in the atEvent setup guide to then setup your atEvent Sync profile and integrate atEvent with Pardot

Pardot Integration Setup

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atEvent Central Setup (Pardot Integration)

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