Release Update - Dec 19, 2019

atEvent Central Release Version 4.5

Please note the associated mobile releases:

iOS Release Link | Android Release Link


This atEvent Central release brings key improvements and fixes. 



  • MA/CRM Sync Error Messaging: Even with the best preparation, sync errors can happen. We’ve made it easier to resolve errors by including new information from your MA/CRM in the error message—so you know what went wrong


  • Event Dates: fixed an issue where editing an event could result in the event dates being wiped, causing the user to re-enter them
  • Report a Problem (Mobile Apps): fixed an issue with mobile app “Report a Problem” features to ensure delivery of issues to atEvent customer support
  • Leads Page: column filters on the leads table now reset when selecting a new events or date range
  • Lead Syncing: Lead interaction “Date Created” field now reliably syncs to MA/CRM
  • Eloqua Attendee Import: Resolved an issue where attendee lists based off of Eloqua segments were not updating if the Eloqua segment had not been updated within 24 hours