Setting up a Marketo Integration

How to set up your Marketo integration using CompuLead+

Compulead+ powered by atEvent allows you to integrate seamlessly with your Marketo MA/CRM.  

How to Setup your Marketo Integration

This help article is divided into 4 sections:

  • Login to Marketo
  • Field Mapping
  • Invite Team Members
  • Download/Test the App

Login to Marketo

1. Connect to Marketo
   a. While on Step 4 (Connect to MA/CRM) of the CompuLEAD+ process 
   b. click on the “Marketo” icon.

1. Marketo-Mac.fw

Upon click the Marketo login screen will appear

2. Login to your Marketo account
   a. Enter Client ID
   b. Enter Client Secret
   c. Enter Endpoint URL
   d. Press the “Add Connection” button

2. Marketo-Mac.fw

3. Marketo Connection 

   a. If you successfully connect to Marketo you will receive this message
   b. Click the “Save & Continue” button

3. Marketo Successful-Mac.fw

Field Mapping

4. Map Fields
   a. Click on any of the fields labeled “Not Mapped” and a dropdown menu will appear. 
   b. Select the Marketo field that matches the atEvent field. 

In this example we are mapping First Name → FirstName

4. Map Fields-Mac.fw

5. Field Mapped Successfully
   a. Field is mapped successfully with mapped field displayed in the dropdown box 
   b. The Mapping icon 5._Icon next to the field will now be illuminated in green
   c. The Mapping counter will increment displaying the total number of fields mapped versus             the total number of fields. 

In this example First Name has been successfully mapped and it is only 1 field of 15 that have been mapped (1/15)

5. Mapping Saved-Mac.fw

6. Save Field Mapping

   a. When you have finished with all of your field mappings scroll to the bottom of this screen           and press the “Save & Continue” button

6. Save Field Mappings-Mac.fw

   b. You will receive the following popup message:

   c. At this point you must decide if all of your desired mappings have been completed. If you          are satisfied with the current mapping setup then click “Continue”

6b. Marketo Successful-Mac.fw

Invite Team Members

7. In order to invite team members:
   a. Click “+ Add Team Member”

7. Invite Team-Mac.fw

   b. Fill in the Team Member’s personal contact info

      - First Name

      - Last Name

      - Email

      - Role (Select from dropdown menu)

   c. Press the “Invite” button

   d. Press the “Save & Continue” button

7b. Invite Team-Mac.fw

Download/Test the App

8. Download the App
   a. Scan the QRcode, this will lead you to the link to download the app
   b. Click “Save & Continue”

8. Download the App-Mac.fw

9. Test & Finish
   a. Login to the app
   b. Scan the test badge

9. Test the App-Mac.fw

   c. Confirm the data. Make sure to check the "Leads Dashboard" in atEvent Central and                   Marketo to make sure the data was saved correctly. 
   d. "Contact Customer Success" if something is not functioning correctly
   e. View Lead Interactions
   f. Click “Finish” when you are ready to end your CompuLEAD+ session

9c. Test the App-Mac.fw

10. Finish Your CompuLEAD+ Session by clicking “Log Out”

10. Finished-Mac.fw

For any additional questions regarding this feature, please contact your Customer Success Manager or contact Support ( for any assistance.