Setting up a Pardot Integration

How to set up your Pardot integration

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How to Setup your Pardot Integration

1. Connect to Pardot

   a. While on Step 4 (Connect to MA/CRM) of the process

   b. Click on the Pardot icon.

1. Pardot-Mac.fw-1

    2. Login to your Pardot account by performing the following:

       a. Enter Email
       b. Enter Password
       c. Enter User Key - For a user who has been granted administrative privileges this key is used        to authorize all API calls made to Pardot. For information on how to obtain the user key see        this article.
       d. Press “Add Connection” button

    2. Pardot-Mac.fw

    3. Pardot Connection 

       a. If you successfully connect to Pardot you will receive this message
       b. Click the “Save & Continue” button

    3. Pardot Successful-Mac.fw

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