View and Edit Leads

Navigating the leads section in the atEvent mobile app: Today, Pending, & All tabs.

The Leads section of the mobile app is your go-to spot to review all your leads from an event.


Today tab

The Today tab provides an overview of all the leads scanned today. These leads will be sorted by First Name (A-Z) by default, but the sort option can be updated.


Pending tab


The Pending tab provides an overview of scans that are still processing.

  • Processing indicates your scan has been sent to be processed. Business card transcription by one of our human-transcribers usually takes about 15 minutes but can take longer during peak event flow.
  • Poor Scan Quality indicates that the scan cannot be read. Trade shows are notorious for spotty lighting and beware of shiny business cards that often create glare. If you encounter ‘Poor Scan Quality’, you have two options: discard the scan or retake the scan.
  • Incomplete Contact indicates the card is missing required fields. To fix:
  1. Tap Incomplete Contact
  2. Lead Details will appear; tap Edit, enter required info, then tap Finish
  3. The business card will automatically display in the All Tab and also in the Today tab, depending on when it was captured (if the business card had been captured three days ago & just resolved today, it would only appear in the All tab)


All tab

This tab will contain all leads that you have interacted with from the selected event.

Deep-Diving Into a Lead

For an in-depth view of a Lead, select the Details view of a lead and tap on a lead's name. At this point, Contact Info and Qualifiers are shown. If a red target icon is listed, this indicates that the lead belongs to a targeted account. If an important field is missing, you will see a red caution indicator. 

By tapping on the three dots (...) symbol, a drawer will appear with the following actions: 

  • Save to Mobile Contacts
  • View Details
  • Google Search
  • Edit
  • Delete


When the Sort icon is highlighted in blue on the leads page, it indicates that a sort option has been applied. Similarly, filter(s) are applied when the Filter icon is highlighted blue.


To change your filters, simply tap the filter icon and update your set of filters, and finally tap Apply. To clear all filters, simply tap on “Filters: # Applied”.


To change your sort order, simply tap on the sort icon.



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