Where do I log in to atEvent Central?

atEvent: Getting setup and log-in

1. To start the setup process your company's atEvent administrator will sign you up. You then will receive an email to finish setting up your account. The email will have the header “ Finish Setting Up Your atEvent Account”. Click on this link.

1. Login-Mac.fw-2

2. After opening the email you will find a link. It will be located directly below the line: “Please create a password to finish setting up your account”. Click on this link.

2. Login-Mac.fw

3. You will be redirected to a page to create an atEvent password:

   a. Enter a new password
   b. Verify the new password
   c. Agree to Terms of Use and Privacy Policy by filling in checkbox 
   d. Click “Save & Continue”

3. Login-Mac.fw

4. Once you have clicked "Save & Continue" the following screen will appear with a link where you can login to atEvent central. Click on "Log In Now" to login.

4. Login-Mac.fw

5. You will also receive another email to "Login to configure atEvent". Open this email to get the same login link as in Step 4.

5. Login-Mac.fw

6. After opening the email the link will appear here:

6. Login-Mac.fw

7. After clicking the link and arriving at landing page, login to atEvent:

   a. Enter email
   b. Enter password
   c. Fill in checkbox so your browser will remember your email
   d. Click “Sign In”

7. Login-Mac.fw

Here is the physical link to atEvent central:



Tip: Only Company Group Admins and Event Managers have access to all main features of atEvent Central

Click here to learn more about role type permissions to atEvent Central.